Having artwork in your home really can inspire creativity, even if you are a bit cack-handed with the old brush. King and McGaw have a HUGE collection of awesomes prints, canvases and posters for you to peruse, and it’s pretty addictive stuff too.  They also have a wealth of experience in bringing us normal folk (and those at the other end of the scale) some beautiful works of art from the London Underground travel posters to Picasso!
affordable artOwning some super stylish art should most definitely be for the masses, even if it is a poster put up with Blutack!

affordable artworkThe artworks I chose here, I thought, reflected the obscure choices available, and that I love them all. Each reflects a different side of my style and design. And at roughly £12 a pop too! Happy days dudes!

I can find that when I am looking for accessories for the walls of a new design scheme, it can get a bit ‘AHHHH too much to choose from!’ This site breaks the art down into categories, like this one. This is a section on Mid- Century Modern Art. So if you want to theme your walls/ room and aren’t sure what goes with what then here is a great place to start.

London Underground 150 years





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