Spring is my favourite season, and also my most hated. It brings new life, Spring bulbs, lighter days and a sense of new beginnings. However, it also shows up how dusty the house is. Bugger.
Here’s my ultimate cheat sheet for styling and living the Spring season.

Right, to start with:


Honestly this is one of the most cathartic activities you can do. And I don’t mean bin it, I mean re-use or give to charity. You can find real comfort in giving away what you don’t need or love anymore, and a charity and the items new owner will appreciate your donation. Perhaps this sounds a little strange, but when I have a sort out my home feels lighter. Like it can breathe again. A happy house again.

Next up, fill all those new empty spaces you created with the above with

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insertFRESH FLOWERS AND GREENS.

They don’t have to be particularly ornate or expensive, a bunch of daffodils are incredibly cheap (like a £1 from Morrisons) and the most beautiful Spring flowers. A super practical green idea is herbs. Get a indoor window box, or some ceramic garden pots (they are pennies at the garden centre) and plant some seeds. Or if you have zero patience, like me, buy those living herbs from the supermarket and plant those. Not only will your window sills look sunnier but your food will taste better too. Happy days.

Untitled design (2)

I know it’s only 3 months into the new year but this is a ruddy important one,


Not really a home styling item but a happy soul is a happy home right!? Take stock of what you have achieved/or not yet achieved and realign yourself. Plan your next target and start getting some plans in action. My next item will be either a park run, or a new tattoo. Ooo! On a similar note, BOOK SOMETHING EXCITING! It could be a meal out with a friend or start a new sport or class. It will really refocus you.

We are currently


parts of our home that are a little tired and have been attacked my multiple furniture moves and/or children. Not only does the Spring sunlight show up the dust it really enhances any scuffs you have on the walls. Like we did in our bathroom last month, and spare room this month, it doesn’t have to cost much to put a little love back into your home. A touch of paint, a mirror, charity shop raid. Whatever appeals.

Last up kids, it the bedroom’s turn. Now this one is a super duper idea that is applicable for every single season. Treat yourself, and your bed, to some


I bloody love new bedding, I think I got that from my mum. If she could she would have had new bedding everyday. No matter what colour your bedroom is, I would always choose a white set, perhaps with an accent colour if you wish. White just seems so clean and bright, perfect for Spring I reckons.

To summarise, think SPRING GREENS, a fresh new BEDDING SET, and CHUCK SOME STUFF OUT. Enjoy the season peeps!

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