It’s been a couple of weeks into our new way of eating, the vegan way! Ahh!

Please don’t think I am some sort of strong willed Saint that has overnight given up all things meat/processed/crap, I really REALLY haven’t. It’s actually been a lot easier than I thought it would be though. I would say it’s been down to Deliciously Ella and Bear Grylls and their awesomeness food ideas. Both recipe books I got for Christmas and I would say they have really turned my way of eating around and how I understand it.

I’ve never had a very good relationship with food. It’s been a very up and down, potholey love hate road. From yoyo diets, my weight has flCopy of Copy of Copy of post insertuctuated 7 stone over the years. Yeah. Not good.
So it’s about time I sorted my shit out. Not only for my own health but for my little family too. That and I have the fear of God in me that I will get Cancer like my late mum so being healthy puts the odds back in my favour. I hope.

Apart from the odd ‘cheat’ meals (it was my birthday so it all went a wee bit Pete Tong) I have stuck to the vegan ‘rules’ and really enjoying it so far. I don’t miss the meat at all. Or dairy. Though yet to find a decent substitute for a milky coffee. Coconut milk and almond milk DO NOT WORK. Makes me enjoy the lemon and ginger hot water all that more.
Lunches have been my favourite. They have ranged from baked sweet potato and avocado to bulgar wheat fritters.

Bloody gorgeous!

My Instagram has some photos of my creations so far, with a lovely filter too of course so check em out.

Sweet snacks have been my downfall. Sob. Honestly, Bear Gryll’s Flapjacks are so utterly amazing I have eaten my body weight in oats already. I wish that was a joke. I suppose it could be worse, it could be McDonald’s right?

Like this? Please spread the wealth.

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