What does the new year hold for me and my family? Apart from the obvious health and happiness (which would be really fab), I’ve made a list of things I would like to achieve and aim for. First up;

Health and fitness

More of the same really. Increase fitness, some running events and improve my overall health. Last year I concentrated mostly in getting my weight down to a reasonable (healthier) level, so this year it’s all about creating a new, cleaner, leaner me! I have signed myself up to a few races this year to keep me focussed, they include; a Winter Run 10K for Cancer Research UK, BUPA 10K for Pancreatic Cancer UK and a 1/2 marathon (already regretting that one) in St. Albans. My last 10K was in 2015 at an ok time 1 hr 12, though a lot of that time was spent dealing with the hornet attack at 7K). So to get a better time would be awesomes.

Part of the fitness and health change myself and my family are embarking on includes changing the foods we fuel our bodies with. My diet has never been amazing. I’m a bit of a gannet to be honest. So trying to stick to anything that relies on only juice, for example, is always doomed to fail for me and my pretty appalling willpower. I received two cookbooks over Christmas, Deliciously Ella and Bear Grylls’ Fuel for Life. I bloody love them! Utterly inspiring and crammed with resources, ideas and great personable advice. I have already made a few recipes including this awesome nut butter and scrummy coconut milk porridge with almond butter and pumpkin seeds. Bloody lush! I’m going to write-up how I am transitioning onto my new vegan ways in a separate post, it’s all very exciting. On a last note, I am hoping to increase my knowledge and practice in Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates. A yoga retreat wouldn’t go amiss too?!

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I would like to learn a couple of crafts this year. 2015 was a busy year for new crafty goodness so hoping this year will top it. Number one on the list is Crochet. It’s been on my ‘want to do’ list for ages and 2016 will be the year I do it! I have been sent a YouTube vid by my friend and she learnt from it also so I’ll post it up if it’s any good.

I attended a Screen printing class last year, taught by the lovely Laura from Laura Felicity Design, so would like to pursue this further and do some prints for the house. Thinking about plant and insect anatomy? In gold on navy perhaps? We shall see.

Last up, but by no means least, I am owed a pottery class by the lovely boyf from Christmas. Super excited. I have never done pottery before so fingers crossed I like it, or hell, even get good at it!


I have a couple of other things in the pipe line planned but can’t go into them just yet unfortunately. Watch this uber exciting space!

Oh, and I would like to married. Yes I am not engaged, but still, I think 10 years together warrants a wedding ring right?

Oh and no one I love or even like a little bit is allowed to die this year. Listen up world! NO ONE!

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