Screen printing 11th November 2015

Screen printing! Oh my! This was my third and final course for 2015 with Tea and Crafting, and unsurprisingly I loved it!
Run by the lovely Laura, from Laura Felicity Design, it was both informative, creative and so much fun. After being shown the basics we then got to creating the stencil so we could start the screen print.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insertAfter a fairly busy week organising our little boys birthday, I hadn’t had a chance to think about the design I would like to print in class. I went for the ol’ trusty Badger in the end. Which then evolved into a fox and badger print with the initials of the blog. If I had put some more time and thought into it I would have written the words in full and perhaps a fox’s face peeping out of the side? Still, once I get my own screen print (on the Christmas list) I can attempt an overlay. The whole class came up with such brilliant ideas, no 2 the same which was lovely.

Knowing the workshop size I was curious how the class would work, in terms of size and paraphernalia you need to get to print. But it worked, there were 6 people including me and we had enough space and time to make the stencil, screen print twice and dry the fabric enough to ‘tube it’ home. Though another hair dryer to dry the prints wouldn’t go a miss.

I am thrilled with my finished piece, I suspect I won’t use it as a tea towel (too nice!) so it might even get framed.

I can’t convey how much fun these workshops are. Having some ‘me’ time, creating, learning, meeting new people and well, just thoroughly enjoying myself.

So what will 2016 bring? I would like to do an intermediate screen printing course with Laura, learn some other techniques including adding other colours and experiment printing on different textures. I also like the look of crochet, paper cutting, and the beautiful summer wreath. It looks awesome. Oh and needle felting too!

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