Wire jewellery making 13th October 2015

Another great time was had last Tuesday at the Tea and Crafting workshop. This was my second class, the first was attending a Lino printing course taught by Laura in September.
‘Jewellery made in wire’ is pretty much self explanatory, we made jewellery… in wire. But oh boy, it was so much more. Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (1)
The class was taught by Julia Tuledo, a very talented jewellery maker and designer. Originally from Brazil, she has her own business based in London. Her beautiful website can be found here. I urge you to check it out.
First up was the bracelet, the concept and process was simple, write out a word (about 5 ish letters so it fits nicely on the front of your wrist) and bend the wire to match it. Simples! Well, not quite. When you start off its VERY fiddly, maybe it was just me but it felt like you didn’t have enough fingers for it all, pliers, wire, bending, being careful not to stab your neighbour in the eye with craft wire… Ahh! However, once you relaxed and realised that anything you bend in wire is reversible it was incredibly brilliant! I loved it! Julia was very patient with us, she clearly loved her craft. I loved her craft! This Christmas EVERYONE will be getting one of these beauts.


The ring was next, this seemed to stump people more than the bracelet. Perhaps because it looked so much more complicated and detailed. We picked which pearl and wire we wanted to use and got to work wrapping the ring around a circular object to make the basic shape needed. For such a simple idea, it looks so effective. I adore mine, and I will definitely be adding to my collection.Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (2)

I can’t believed we made both these accessories in less than 2 hours. Not only is it completely accessible to the masses (my favourite) in terms of cost, it’s as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Thoroughly recommend this course, and looking forward to my next Tea and Crafting class in November…SCREENPRINTING!

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