If I am completely honest, and please don’t hate me for this, but I didn’t love this exhibition. Don’t get me wrong, the products on show and designers were AMAZING, however, the location really let it down in my opinion. The exhibition was spread over 2 locations so maybe this didn’t help, but it felt very bitty and segmented. I really disliked the security on every corner, on every floor, almost every stand. Black suits, headsets and white shirts…it felt like I was intruding on something and shouldn’t be there.

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I attended one talk that I specifically went to Design Junction for, and that was ‘Interiors for Unicorns‘. This was run by the 2 Lovely Gays (their brand name, not a description by me, though they are) and Christian Hawley, founder of nest.co.uk. I had been very excited about this one as the 2 Lovely Gays, Russell and Jordan, have been on my design radar for some time. I got there a little bit early, a tad stalkerish, as I didn’t want to miss the chance on not getting a place as it was first come first served. Surprisingly it was very quiet, perhaps they couldn’t find the theatre.

I, like the others in the audience, was intrigued by what the unicorn bit was all about. Well, what a great concept delivered by 2 really lovely guys. Both were well spoken, clearly loved their careers and passionate about making living lovely. The concept they delivered was the idea that generations are broken up into 3 categories. After reading a Huffington Post article about this they applied it to the interiors world. Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (5)Keeping it short, basically, we are separated into 3 categories; work horses, free ponies and unicorns. Ah, I hear you say, it all makes perfect sense now right!? Work horses are the war generation. Working hard to look after their family, providing a life and future for their children. Free ponies use the opportunities given to them by their parents, they are the baby boomers, and enjoy a more comfortable life because of the work horses. Unicorns want it all. They feel they should have the money, the technology and the happiness. They are the forever young, childlike and always striving for more. They have the #FOMO, The Fear Of Missing Out. We find it difficult to commit to something, particularity relevant to interiors. Committing to a scheme and not fearing that something better is over the horizon. The 2 Lovely Gays and I have a similar ethos. Your home is about you, not your neighbours, not your followers on Instagram. Its your space to love, relax and recharge.



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