Having two little sprogs of my own, I really REALLY appreciate any kind of space saving solutions, and if I can’t see any of the colourful plastic even better! Currently we are using wicker baskets as Harper is still on all 4’s so toys need to be at ground level.

So here we go, my top 5 storage solutions for your little darlings crap.


I think this is my favourite piece in this blog, possibly the whole site! I’m going to get some for under the stairs to store coats, shoes and lunch boxes that usually get thrown over the buggy or cleverly left at the bottom of the stairs. This is part of a bigger collection that include a console double locker and single lockable bedside cabinet. And best of all, no tools needed for assembly. £180 and other colours available.Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (3)

2.Book Tidy

This book tidy reminds me of when my sister and I used to go to the local St. Albans library when we were young’ns. The books were put in these types of tidies and then organised to look like a train.

Anyways, this comes with an amazing 7 year guarantee, and made with Beech wood. It also can be transformed into a CD rack or magazine tidy as the front panels can be turned around for when the little people get older. From £145 and other colours available.

3.Bunting (with storage pockets!)

Oh my do I love a bunting. Every single room in our house has bunting in it, including the cloakroom and the Little Tikes toy house in the garden.

Each bunting flag has a Velcro storage pocket behind the front fabric, oh what a marvellous idea hey! Great for all those little pieces that no longer have a home like spare Lego heads, random lids to pens and my favourite; bits of broken car pieces that your toddler won’t let you get rid of. £13 Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (4)

4.Shoe Rack

Such a clever idea, this one is for people that have quite a lot of space available for some quirky shoe storage. You could possibly use them as shelves to display first pairs of shoe,s for example, rather than using as a shoe rack for current pairs of shoes. £5 and other colours available.

5.Storage Cart

I think this would really suit pre walkers as its low to the floor so they can reach toys too. Once mobile, they can use as a pull a long cart. Comes in a rabbit or bear design. Very cute and looks extremely well made from MDF and painted detail. There are other items in the series too if you are looking to keep things matching. £38


Like this? Please spread the wealth.

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