Budget doesn’t have to mean crap. Budget can mean thrifty, smart and most importantly beautiful.
We don’t have lots of money, our toddlers make sure of that, along with my crazy obsession with finding Raff Pixar Cars from eBay as cheaply as possible. So when doing up our home we have had to make do along the way and use that well known Kirstie and Philism… Compromise!

Some things are a definite no no on the budget front in my opinion; mattress, sofa and shower. Generally we are either in or on one of them. Our mattress is from Feather and Black, sofa from Cargo and the shower is actually from Homebase, which to some is indeed budget but it was the best we could afford at the time, and to be honest, it’s frickin awesome… powerful, a trillion times better than what was there before and looks great. Other house treasures have come from a variety of bargain sources. Wilkos are great for mirrors, candles, DIY bits including paint, vases and pictures. They have a huge range online also so worth a check. Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (1)

It’s a given that charity shops are a key component in bargain interior styling. Don’t get swept up in the cheap price tags (like I do) and get everything because it’s cheap!

Select wisely and only choose things you really love. This advice also applies to eBay. We got Raff’s new single bed from eBay, it was £25 and had barely been used. Originally from John Lewis, and excitingly, it was the same style as ours! Happy days!
Though I also won a bid on a beautiful iron Victorian fireplace, it was £10 so it was rude not to right? I bloomin love it. However, it doesn’t fit in our living room, in style or size, it’s a bit broken and a little toddler death trap. Hey ho, win some, lose some right.

Anyone want a fireplace?

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