Lino Printing 9th September 2015

First off, what a location! I’m not a well travelled London type, so much so I’m not even sure I have ever been to Camden before. I know, I know, living 20 minutes by train from London, its a pretty poor show.

Tea and Crafting is based in Camden Lock (easily found via Google Maps thankfully). Located in a beautiful old building, the company is one of many to share the space. Set up in 2009 by Jane Gois, she wanted to share her love for all things craft, and that’s what she has done so successfully. Classes range from embroidery to making your own lampshade, or infact you could make your own espadrilles! Yeah!

The room itself is crafty to the max. Samplers, examples of what can be created are hung in embroidery rings (great idea) on the walls. It really is a lovely sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of London.

The lino printing course is run by Laura Milligan, from Laura Felicity Design. Her company specialises in Bespoke items such as screen printed wallpaper, lampshades, cushions and lavender bags. All available to purchase from Notonthehighstreet and her online shop. As you can see, she is well placed to teach us the crafty ways of printing techniques.

The class is an ideal size of just 4 including me, so plenty of time for Laura to help each of us over the 2 hours. We started off brain storming some ideas out onto paper. All of us had some thought of what we would like to create; 2 cats, a lotus flower and a bowler hat moustached chap- that was mine.

We transferred the images onto the lino via tracing paper and then the fun really began! I tell you, scraping back the lino to create your image is INCREDIBLY therapeutic, mesmerizing almost. I think I could have done that for hours given the chance. Printing the image onto paper to see which bits worked and what needed some more attention was more trial and error really. The process itself is a pretty simple one to understand, but it does take sometime to make it just so, or at least it did for me.

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We all managed to create something we absolutely loved and I’m thrilled with my finished pieces!

I booked the crafting course via their website, its easy to use and navigate around, and really really easy to get carried with. I booked 3! Oops!

My next class is screen printing, with Laura again, so get booking and join us!

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