I’d thought I would write a little bit about how my children and styling work together in perfect harmony. Kind of.

First off, I do feel a tad sorry for my children. 2 toddlers under 3 years old, they do make a mess. I appreciate that they are kids and that’s what they do, however, I just can’t help myself sometimes, lining Pixar cars up in order or moving wooden slices of cake onto the correct cake stand. Their IKEA kitchen is immaculately organised and styled to an inch of its life. So much so, my eldest, Raff, tidies away the mess Harper creates to make it pretty again. He has learnt well. “Shame” and “Oh dear, Oh dear” are well used in his vocabulary when going about his daily tidying. I’m sure any future wife or husband of Raff will thank me in the long run right?!
wpid-wp-1441794490009.jpegWhen Raff was born, the first pair of Health Visitor/midwife combos to arrive was a bit of an eye opener. I still remember the Health Visitor’s exact words;
“Your house doesn’t have to look like this anymore, you have a baby, you can let things slide”.
I have to disagree to some extent. At least for me. My home is my world (along with family, of course). It makes me feel secure, happy and content. If I feel like happy, my children are happier too. For many, this probably seems nuts, and many visitors and mummy friends think I’m some sort of loon, but it really helps me keep my mind in check. Tidy house, tidy mind right?

And let’s not forget, I am still me at the end of the day, a mum too of course, but I’m still Nadia. The mental who likes a pretty but happy household. I’m planning on writing a post about some creative ways to organise children’s crap, I mean toys too. Stay tuned.

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