I don’t trust people that don’t have cushions (minimum of 2) on sofas. It’s just not right.

I get a lot of flack for the amount of cushions I put on the sofas and beds at home. It’s an obsession. I get it. However after recently going through my mum’s loft, it is most definitely genetic!

I love the way a cushion adds personality to what can be a very impersonal object. Sofas don’t generally scream ‘look at me’, ‘look what I’m about’. Cushions do. They can reflect you. And that’s what design is all about.

They create warmth and comfort, great for a snuggle when needed, or at the very least a great tray to put your plate on to eat your dinner in front of the TV.

Anyhoo, here’s my top 8 beautiful cushions that I don’t yet own. Yet.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (8)1.Moomin!

This is a beautiful handmade cushion, made by Alien Couture UK. I found this on Etsy, one of my fav shops online. Its a great community to buy from, supporting artists but with the convenience of the interwebs. The designer has heaps of other designs if this doesn’t float your boat. I love it. £19.99

2.Bunny on a Bike

Yep, pretty much sums that up. Handmade by Margarida Workshop. This one is a black and white version, but it comes in 6 other colours. This screenprint is so intricate, I would love to be able to recreate this. Again, I found this on Etsy, at an amazing price of £9.99.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert (2)3.We had Everything

My all time favourite artist is Rob Ryan. Not the cheapest item here, however the amount of work that goes into each item is extraordinary. His online shop has some other beautiful things. Get the credit card ready. £50

4.Timorous Beasties Yellow Honey Bee

Wow! This is one of a larger collection of beasties if bees aren’t up your street. This would look epic on a white bedspread or cream sofa. Gorgeous. £135

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert5.Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn.

Wise wise words by We are Yawn. A bold statement cushion to brighten up the sofa. This is sold via Ohh Deer, a great site for all sorts of random illustrated items for home and peoples. £29.95 or two for £55.

6.Butterfly Parade

A linen cushion that is basically two cushion styles in one. Butterfly print on one side, and a black and white geometric print on the other. Houseology suggests teaming this with aged leather products and bold colours. I couldn’t agree more. £100

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of post insert7.Voyage Mr Woolly Cushion

Another double sided bundle of joy from Voyage Decoration via John Lewis, a grey woollen check and on the other a great big hand painted floppy fringed sheep with cream tassels! Masterpiece. £65

8.I own you

Honestly, if you take a look at Ohh Deer‘s website, I defy you not to fall in love with EVERYTHING on there. This one is another great one by David Olenick. Bright, bold and ohh so correct. £29.95 including the cushion insert.

Like this? Please spread the wealth.

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