My mum, sister and I used to spend every Saturday of our childhood and teenage years walking around the John Lewis home department. Initially in Welwyn Garden City, then we upgraded to the big leagues, Milton Keynes!

My mum and I never got bored of this. Poor little sister, Danielle, was not so keen. She had no interest in pretty house bits, how displays are laid out, which frames work with which paintings. She would walk 3 paces behind us. Bored shitless.

I on the other hand, absolutely loved every single minute of it. Unfortunately we lost our mum 3 weeks ago to Pancreatic Cancer, so perhaps my memories are all very sugar coated at the moment, but I don’t care, they were awesome days!

In fact, one of my fondest/ strangest memories from the good ol’days was when my mum and I were decorating the bathroom- probably for the umpteenth time that year. I was up a ladder, she at the bottom. Every so often we heard a squeak. Hours we spent looking for what was making the noise. Turns out it was my bra. Bloomin bra.

Mum and meI expect to some, spending my Saturdays like this sounds a bit odd. A teenager perusing fabric samples, rather than shopping in HMV or throwing up on a pub floor (I have done this. Sorry pub). However, those weekends were totally worth it. Not only did I have a fantastic bond over interiors with my mum, but it taught me my trade. My love of styling and decor. So perhaps this is both nature and nurture.

As a I have grown up I have worked hard to create a home that I love, and my family can be proud of. I no longer have to pitch design ideas to my parents, bugging them to let me move the furniture around yet again or to pick up another Dulux colour chart from Homebase. I still do this by the way, the pitching is now to my 2 little toddlers. And my boyfriend Todd. Poor Todd, he never knows where anything is kept. I just can’t help myself!

I thank my mum for giving me the start and love for all things interior. So here’s to you mum, this career is for you.

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